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ExBio Launches a New Food Waste Digester for House Use Under the Brand…





September 9, 2020

ExBio’s 16 years of experience and know-how are now not only used in commercial application but also in household application.

ExBio’s new home food waste digester was successfully launched through Hyundai Home Shopping Channel, one of the top home shopping channels in Korea. The live broadcasting home shopping TV show was aired on September 1st between 12:40PM and 1:40PM Korea time and it was a big hit among consumers in Korea. Anybody who has an experience of taking garbage out in Korea would understand how difficult it is especially when it comes to food waste. You place the food waste into a plastic bag, carry it down to the hallway of your apartment complex and then take the elevator to get to the garbage collection site outside through the first floor, hoping that any food waste liquid from the bag will not drip, making the floor mess. The worst scenario is when you encounter your neighbor in the elevator with that food waste bag in your hand, you feel embarrassed somehow and it feels like the elevator takes forever to reach the first floor.


Now, all that problem is solved. You can simply take care of your food waste inside of your house with ExBio’s food waste digester. 

With ExBio’s special aerobic food digestion process, the home food waste can be processed up to 1.5 kg per day. Therefore, you don’t need to take the food waste garbage outside anymore.

It is not a grinder, which is prohibited in Korea for clogging the drain. It is a microorganism digesting process which is all natural and eco-friendly. Years of research and development now shines and hoping this will benefit many individuals.



You can fine more details on the website of Hyundai Home Shopping online site as below




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